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aa39047-20.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2021A proto-pseudobulge in ESO 320-G030 fed by a massive molecular inflow driven by a nuclear barGonzález Alfonso, E.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Fischer, J.; García Burillo, S.; Yang, C.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Colina, L.; Ashby, M. L. N.; Smith, H. A.; Rico Villas, F.; Martín Pintado, J.; Cazzoli, S.; Stewart, F. P.
staa2187.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2020Cloud–cloud collision as drivers of the chemical complexity in Galactic Centre molecular clouds.Zeng, S.; Zhang, Q.; Jiménez Serra, I.; Tercero, B.; Lu, X.; Martín Pintado, J.; De Vicente, P.; Rivilla, V. M.; Li, S.
Armijos-Abendaño_2020_ApJ_895_57.pdf.jpg26-May-2020On the Effects of UV Photons/X-Rays on the Chemistry of the Sgr B2 CloudArmijos Abendaño, J.; Martín Pintado, J.; López, E.; Llerena, M.; Harada, N.; Requeña Torres, M. A.; Martín, S.; Rivilla, V. M.; Riquelme, D.; Aldas, F.
Rivilla_2020_ApJL_899_L28.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2020Prebiotic Precursors of the Primordial RNA World in Space: Detection of NH2OHRivilla, V. M.; Martín Pintado, J.; Jiménez Serra, I.; Martín, S.; Rodríguez Almeida, L. F.; Requeña Torres, M. A.; Rico Villas, F.; Zeng, S.; Briones, C.
Propargylimine in the laboratory and in space- millimetre wave spectroscopy and its first detection in the ISM.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2020Propargylimine in the laboratory and in space: millimetre-wave spectroscopy and its first detection in the ISMBizzocchi, L.; Prudenzano, D.; Rivilla, V. M.; Pietropolli Charmet, A.; Giuliano, B. M.; Caselli, P.; Martín Pintado, J.; Jiménez Serra, I.; Martín, S.; Requena Torres, M. A.; Rico Villas, F.; Guillemin, J. C.
aa36144-19.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2019Spectral Line Identification and Modelling (SLIM) in the MAdrid Data CUBe Analysis (MADCUBA) package Interactive software for data cube analysisMartín, S.; Martín Pintado, J.; Blanco Sánchez, C.; Rivilla, V. M.; Rodríguez Franco, A.; Rico Villas, F.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2020Structure and kinematics of shocked gas in Sgr B2: further evidence of a cloud–cloud collision from SiO emission mapsArmijos Abendaño, J.; Banda Barragán, W. E.; Martín Pintado, J.; Dénes, H.; Federrath, C.; Requeña Torres, M. A.
Jiménez-Serra_2020_ApJL_897_L33.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2020The Ionized Warped Disk and Disk Wind of the Massive Protostar Monoceros R2-IRS2 Seen with ALMAJiménez Serra, I.; Báez Rubio, A.; Martín Pintado, J.; Zhang, Q.; Rivilla, V. M.
aa37782-20.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2020The multi-phase ISM in the nearby composite AGN-SB galaxy NGC 4945: large-scale (parsecs) mechanical heatingBellocchi, E.; Martín Pintado, J.; Güsten, R.; Requeña Torres, M. A.; Harris, A.; Van der Werf, P. P.; Israel, F. P.; Weiss, A.; Kramer, C.; García Burillo, S.; Stutzki, J.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2021Thiols in the Interstellar Medium: First Detection of HC(O)SH and Confirmation of C2H5SHRodríguez Almeida, L. F.; Jiménez Serra, I.; Rivilla, V. M.; Martín Pintado, J.; Zeng, S.; Tercero, B.; De Vicente, P.; Colzi, L.; Rico Villas, F.; Martín, S.; Requena Torres, M. A.
ast.2019.2125.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020Toward the RNA-World in the Interstellar Medium—Detection of Urea and Search of 2-Amino-oxazole and Simple SugarsJiménez Serra, I.; Martín Pintado, J.; Rivilla, V. M.; Rodríguez Almeida, L.; Alonso Alonso, E. R.; Zeng, S.; Cocinero, E. J.; Martín, S.; Requeña Torres, M.; Martín Domènech, R.; Testi, L.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2021Vibrationally excited HC3N emission in NGC 1068: tracing the recent star formation in the starburst ringRico Villas, F.; Martín Pintado, J.; González Alfonso, E.; Rivilla, V. M.; Martín, S.; García Burillo, S.; Jiménez Serra, I.; Sánchez García, M.