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acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2020Identification of microplastics in wastewater samples by means of polarized light optical microscopy.Sierra, I.; Rodríguez Chialanza, M.; Faccio, R.; Carrizo, D.; Fornaro, L.; Pérez Parada, A.
Inhabited subsurface wet smectites in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2020Inhabited subsurface wet smectites in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert as an analog for the search for life on MarsAzua Bustos, A.; Fairén, Alberto G.; González Silva, C.; Carrizo, D.; Fernández Martínez, M. A.; Arenas Fajardo, C.; Fernández Sampedro, M.; Gil Lozano, C.; Sánchez García, L.; Ascaso, C.; Wierzchos, J.; Rampe, E. B.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Mesoplastics and large microplastics along a use gradient on the Uruguay Atlantic coast: Types, sources, fates, and chemical loadsRodríguez, C.; Fossatti, M.; Carrizo, D.; Sánchez García, L.; Teixeira de Mello, F.; Weinstein, F.; Lozoya, J. P.
Methanogenesis at high temperature, high ionic strengh and low pH in the Volcanic Area of Dallol, Ethiopia.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2021Methanogenesis at High Temperature, High Ionic Strength and Low pH in the Volcanic Area of Dallol, EthiopiaSanz, J. L.; Rodríguez, N.; Escudero, C.; Carrizo, D.; Amils, R.; Gómez, F.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2021Molecular and isotopic biogeochemistry on recently-formed soils on King George Island (Maritime Antarctica) after glacier retreat upon warming climateVega García, S.; Sánchez García, L.; Prieto Ballesteros, O.; Carrizo, D.
Simulating Mars drilling mission for searching for life.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020Simulating Mars Drilling Mission for Searching for Life: Ground-Truthing Lipids and Other Complex Microbial Biomarkers in the Iron-Sulfur Rich Río Tinto Analog.Sánchez García, L.; Fernández Martínez, M. A.; Moreno Paz, M.; Carrizo, D.; García Villadangos, M.; Manchado, J. M.; Stoker, C. R.; Glass, B.; Parro García, V.
Time integrative multibiomarker detection in triassic jurassic rocks from the Atacama Desert, relevance to the search for basic life beyond earth.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2021Time-Integrative Multibiomarker Detection in Triassic–Jurassic Rocks from the Atacama Desert: Relevance to the Search for Basic Life Beyond EarthSánchez García, L.; Carrizo, D.; Lezcano, M. A.; Moreno Paz, M.; Aeppli, C.; García Villadangos, M.; Prieto Ballesteros, O.; Demergasso, C.; Chong, G.; Parro García, V.