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Can Halophilic and Psychrophilic Microorganisms modify the freezing-melting curve of cold salty solutions.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020Can Halophilic and Psychrophilic Microorganisms Modify the Freezing/Melting Curve of Cold Salty Solutions? Implications for Mars HabitabilityGarcía Descalzo, L.; Gil Lozano, C.; Muñoz Iglesias, V.; Prieto Ballesteros, O.; Azua Bustos, A.; Fairén, Alberto G.
Impact of Simulated Martian.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2020Impact of Simulated Martian Conditions on (Facultatively) Anaerobic Bacterial Strains from Different Mars Analogue Sites.Beblo Vranesevic, K.; Bohmeier, M.; Schleumer, S.; Rabbow, E.; Perras, A. K.; Moissi Eichinger, C.; Schwendner, P.; Cockell, C. S.; Vannier, P.; Marteinsson, V. T.; Monaghan, E. P.; Riedo, A.; Ehrenfreund, P.; García Descalzo, L.; Gómez, F.; Malki, M.; Amils, R.; Gaboyer, F.; Hickman-Lewis, K.; Westall, F.; Cabezas, P.; Walter, N.; Rettberg, P.
Microbial community structure driven by a volcanic gradient in glaciers of teh Antarctic Archipelago south Shetland.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2021Microbial Community Structure Driven by a Volcanic Gradient in Glaciers of the Antarctic Archipelago South ShetlandGarcía López, Eva; Serrano, S.; Ángel Calvo, M.; Peña Pérez, S.; Sánchez Casanova, S.; García Descalzo, L.; Cid, Cristina
taxonomic and functional analyses if intact microbial communities thriving in extreme astrobiology relevant, anoxic sites.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2021Taxonomic and functional analyses of intact microbial communities thriving in extreme, astrobiology-relevant, anoxic sitesKristin Bashir, A.; Wink, L.; Duller, S.; Schwendner, P.; Cockell, C.; Rettberg, P.; Mahnert, A.; Beblo Vranesevic, K.; Bohmeier, M.; Rabbow, E.; Gaboyer, F.; Westall, F.; Walter, N.; Cabezas, P.; García Descalzo, L.; Gómez, F.; Malki, M.; Amils, R.; Ehrenfreund, P.; Monaghan, E. P.; Vannier, P.; Marteinsson, V. T.; Erlacher, A.; Tanski, G.; Strauss, J.; Bashir, M.; Riedo, A.; Moissi Eichinger, C.