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Data base of extraterrestrial magnetic minerals, test and magnetic simulation.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2013Data Base of Extraterrestrial Magnetic Minerals, Test and Magnetic SimulationFernández, A. B.; McHenry, M. E.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Aroca, C.; Maicas, M.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2011Fabrication of thin films for a small alternating gradient field magnetometer for biomedical magnetic sensing applicationsJones, N. J.; McNerny, K. L.; Sokalski, V.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Laughlin, D. E.; McHenry, M. E.
Phase evolution in the Fe3O4-Fe2 Tio4 Pseudo Binary systems and its implications for remanent magnetization in Martian minerals.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2011Phase Evolution in the Fe-3 O-4 -Fe-2 TiO4 Pseudo-Binary System and Its Implications for Remanent Magnetization in Martian MineralsWise, A.; Saenko, M.; Velazquez, A. M.; Laughlin, D. E.; Díaz Michelena, M.; McHenry, M. E.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2013Phase Identification and Temperature-Dependent Magnetization of Ti-Rich Titanomagnetite (0.5 <= x <= 1) in Different AtmospheresLan, S.; Groschner, C.; Runco, J. N.; Wise, A.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Laughlin, D.; McHenry, M. E.
Single Point Gradiometer for Planetary Applications.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2015Single Point Gradiometer for Planetary ApplicationsMesa, J. L.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Ciudad, D.; Schoenthal, W.; McHenry, M. E.; Maicas, M.; Aroca, C.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2012Studies on Structural, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of xFe2TiO4-(1−x)Fe3O4 (0≤x≤1) Pseudo-binary SystemSorescu, M.; Xu, T.; Wise, A.; Díaz Michelena, M.; McHenry, M. E.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2014Synthesis and magnetic properties of single phase titanomagnetitesSchoenthal, W.; Liu, X.; Cox, T.; Mesa, J. L.; Maícas, N.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Laughlin, D. E.; McHenry, M. E.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2013The Role of Atmosphere on Phase Transformations and Magnetic Properties of UlvospinelGroschner, C.; Lan, S.; Wise, A.; Leary, A.; Lucas, M. S.; Park, C.; Laughlin, D. E.; Díaz Michelena, M.; McHenry, M. E.