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Huang_2021_ApJ_912_161.pdf.jpg28-May-2021A Complete 16 μm Selected Galaxy Sample at z ∼ 1: Mid-infrared Spectral Energy DistributionsHuang, J. S.; Dai, Y. S.; Willner, S. P.; Faber, S. M.; Cheng, C.; Xu, H.; Yan, H.; Wu, S.; Shao, X.; Hao, C.; Xia, X.; Rigopoulou, D.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Magdis, Georgios E.; Cortzen, I.; Fazio, G. G.; Assmann, P.; Fan, L.; Musin, M.; Zang, Z.; Xu, K. C.; He, C.; Jin, G.; Esamdin, A.
aa38838-20.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2020Excitation and acceleration of molecular outflows in LIRGs: The extended ESO 320-G030 outflow on 200-pc scalesPereira Santaella, M.; Colina, L.; García Burillo, S.; González Alfonso, E.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Arribas, S.; Cazzoli, S.; Piqueras López, J.; Rigopoulou, D.; Usero, A.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2020Extinction in the 11.2 mu m PAH band and the low L-11.2/L-IR in ULIRGsHernández Caballero, A.; Spoon, H. W. W.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia; Magdis, Georgios E.; Pérez González, P. G.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Arribas, S.; Cortzen, I.; Labiano, Á.; Piqueras, J.; Rigopoulou, D.
aa37319-19.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020First detection of the 448 GHz ortho-H2O line at high redshift: probing the structure of a starburst nucleus at z = 3.63.Yang, C.; González Alfonso, E.; Omont, A.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Fischer, J.; Beelen, A.; Gavazzi, R.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2021Mid-IR cosmological spectrophotometric surveys from space: Measuring AGN and star formation at the cosmic noon with a SPICA-like missionSpignoglio, L.; Mordini, S.; Fernández Ontiveros, J. A.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Armus, L.; Bisigello, L.; Calura, F.; Carrera, F. J.; Cooray, A.; Dannerbauer, H.; Decarli, R.; Egami, E.; Elbaz, D.; Franceschini, A.; González Alfonso, E.; Graziani, L.; Gruppioni, C.; Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia; Kaneda, H.; Kohno, K.; Labiano, Á.; Magdis, Georgios E.; Malkan, M. A.; Matsuhara, H.; Nagao, T.; Naylor, D.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Pozzi, F.; Rodighiero, G.; Roelfsema, P.; Serjeant, S.; Vignali, C.; Wang, L.; Yamada, T.
aa38256-20.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2021Multiphase feedback processes in the Sy2 galaxy NGC 5643García Bernete, I.; Alonso Herrero, A.; García Burillo, S.; Pereira Santaella, M.; García Lorenzo, B.; Carrera, F. J.; Rigopoulou, D.; Ramos Almeida, C.; Villar Martín, M.; González Martín, O.; Hicks, E. K. S.; Labiano, Á.; Ricci, C.; Mateos, S.
aa39472-20.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2021Stellar kinematics in the nuclear regions of nearby LIRGs with VLT-SINFONI Comparison with gas phases and implications for dynamical mass estimationsCrespo Gómez, A.; Piqueras López, J.; Arribas, S.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Colina, L.; Rodríguez del Pino, B.
stz1003.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2019Torus model properties of an ultra-hard X-ray selected sample of Seyfert galaxiesGarcía Bernete, I.; Ramos Almeida, C.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Ward, M. J.; Acosta Pulido, J. A.; Pereira Santaella, M.; Hernán Caballero, A.; Asensio Ramos, A.; González Martín, O.; Levenson, N. A.; Mateos, S.; Carrera, F. J.; Ricci, C.; Roche, P. F.; Márquez, I.; Packham, C.; Masegosa, J.; Fuller, L.