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Phase evolution in the Fe3O4-Fe2 Tio4 Pseudo Binary systems and its implications for remanent magnetization in Martian minerals.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2011Phase Evolution in the Fe-3 O-4 -Fe-2 TiO4 Pseudo-Binary System and Its Implications for Remanent Magnetization in Martian MineralsWise, A.; Saenko, M.; Velazquez, A. M.; Laughlin, D. E.; Díaz Michelena, M.; McHenry, M. E.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2012Studies on Structural, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of xFe2TiO4-(1−x)Fe3O4 (0≤x≤1) Pseudo-binary SystemSorescu, M.; Xu, T.; Wise, A.; Díaz Michelena, M.; McHenry, M. E.
acceso-restringido.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2011Temperature Dependent Magnetization and Remanent Magnetization in Pseudo-Binary x (Fe2TiO4)-(1-x)(Fe3O4) (0.30 < x < 1.00) TitanomagnetitesSanz, R.; Cerdán, M. F.; Wise, A.; Díaz Michelena, M.
Magnetometric surveys for the non invasive surface and subsurface interpretation of volcanic structures in planetary exploration, a case study of several volcanoes in the Iberian Peninsula.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2022Magnetometric Surveys for the Non-Invasive Surface and Subsurface Interpretation of Volcanic Structures in Planetary Exploration, a Case Study of Several Volcanoes in the Iberian PeninsulaDíaz Michelena, M.; Kilian, R.; Ángel Rivero, M.; Fernández Romero, S.; Ríos, F.; Mesa, J. L.; Oyarzún, A.
The MetNet vehicle a land to deploy environmental stations for local and global investigations of Mars.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2017The MetNet vehicle: a lander to deploy environmental stations for local and global investigations of MarsHarri, A. M.; Pichkadze, K.; Zeleny, L.; Vázquez, L.; Schmidt, W.; Alexashkin, S.; Korablev, O.; Guerrero, H.; Heilimo, J.; Uspensky, M.; Finchenko, V.; Linkin, V.; Arruego, I.; Genzer, M.; Lipatov, A.; Polkko, J.; Paton, M.; Savijärvi, H.; Haukka, H.; Siili, T.; Khovanskov, V.; Ostesko, B.; Poroshin, A.; Díaz Michelena, M.; Siikonen, T.; Palin, M.; Vorontsov, V.; Polyakov, A.; Valero, F.; Kemppinen, O.; Leinonen, J.; Romero, P.
Mars Moura magnetometer demonstration for high resolution mapping on terrestrial analogues.pdf.jpg19-May-2016Mars MOURA magnetometer demonstration for high-resolution mapping on terrestrial analoguesDíaz Michelena, M.; Kilian, R.; Sanz, R.; Ríos, F.; Baeza, O.
The complex molecules detector (CMOLD)- A fluidic based instrument suite to search for (Bio) chemical complexity on Mars and Icy Moons.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020The Complex Molecules Detector (CMOLD): A Fluidic-Based Instrument Suite to Search for (Bio)chemical Complexity on Mars and Icy MoonsFairén, A.; Gómez Elvira, J.; Briones, C.; Prieto Ballesteros, O.; Rodríguez Manfredi, J. A.; López Heredero, R.; Belenguer, T.; Moral, A. G.; Moreno Paz, M.; Parro García, V.