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Title: Studies on Structural, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of xFe2TiO4-(1−x)Fe3O4 (0≤x≤1) Pseudo-binary System
Authors: Sorescu, M.
Xu, T.
Wise, A.
Díaz Michelena, M.
McHenry, M. E.
Keywords: Titanomagnetite;Mars;X ray powder diffraction;Mössbauer spectroscopy;Simultaneous DSC-TGA
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2012
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2011.12.012
Published version:
Citation: Journal fo Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 324(7): 1453-1462(2012)
Abstract: The xFe2TiO4-(1−x)Fe3O4 pseudo-binary systems (0≤x≤1) of ulvöspinel component were synthesized by solid-state reaction between ulvöspinel Fe2TiO4 precursors and commercial Fe3O4 powders in stochiometric proportions. Crystalline structures were determined by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and it was found that the as-obtained titanomagnetites maintain an inverse spinel structure. The lattice parameter a of synthesized titanomagnetite increases linearly with the increase in the ulvöspinel component. 57Fe room temperature Mössbauer spectra were employed to evaluate the magnetic properties and cation distribution. The hyperfine magnetic field is observed to decrease with increasing Fe2TiO4 component. The fraction of Fe2+ in both tetrahedral and octahedral sites increases with the increase in Ti4+ content, due to the substitution and reduction of Fe3+ by Ti4+ that maintains the charge balance in the spinel structure. For x in the range of 0 ≤x≤0.4, the solid solution is ferrimagnetic at room temperature. However, it shows weak ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic behavior for x in the range of 0.4<x≤0.7. When x>0.70, it only shows paramagnetic behavior, with the appearance of quadrupole doublets in the Mössbauer spectra. Simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis (DSC–TGA) studies showed that magnetite is not stable, and thermal decomposition of magnetite occurs with weight losses accompanying with exothermic processes under heat treatment in inert atmosphere.
Description: X-ray powder diffraction, simultaneous DSC/TGA and Mössbauer spectroscopy. Structural, thermal and magnetic properties. Cation distributions derived from isomer shifts.
E-ISSN: 1873-4766
ISSN: 0304-8853
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