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Title: Magnetic Technologies for Space: COTS Sensors for Flight Applications and Magnetic Testing Facilities for Payloads
Authors: Díaz Michelena, M.
Del Real, R. P.
Guerrero, H.
Keywords: COTS;Magnetic Sensors
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Publisher: Ingenta Connect
DOI: 10.1166/sl.2007.060
Published version:
Citation: Sensor Letters 5(1): 207-211(2007)
Abstract: The increasing trend of using Commercial of the Shelf components for Aerospace Applications makes Space Agencies open a brand new testing line devoted to the up-screening and characterization in extreme conditions of these "underqualified" components. The up-screening needs to deal with the tasks of degassing, temperature testing and thermal shock, vibration, ageing and stressing, and irradiation of the component under test. In this paper we report on the up-screening process, the previous magnetic characterization and the in-flight resulting data obtained with the magnetic sensors of NANOSAT-01 mission, one and a half years after the launch. The up-screening of the magnetic sensors used in this mission succeed. Their final in-flight qualification is on the road as the behavior of the sensors is nominal.
E-ISSN: 1546-1971
ISSN: 1546-198X
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