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Title: Geomorphology of the southwest Sinus Sabaeus region: evidence for an ancient hydrological cycle on Mars
Authors: Robas, C.
Molina, A.
López, I.
Prieto Ballesteros, O.
Fairén, A.
Keywords: Geomorphology;Sinus Sabaeis;Hydrological cycle;Mars
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2021
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2021.1971117
Published version:
Citation: Journal of Maps 17(2): 526-532(2021)
Abstract: We have produced a 1:650,000 scale geomorphological map of the southwest Sinus Sabaeus, a region of Mars approximately centered at 25.0°S and 6.5°E and located in the topographic transition between Arabia Terra and Noachis Terra, in the Martian highlands. This heavily cratered region, subjected to extensive surface erosion, shows a complex valley network system known as Marikh Vallis. In this work, we study the history and role of water in and around Marikh Vallis, focusing on the modification and evolution of this area during the earliest Martian times, the Noachian period. The map described in this paper was produced through the analysis of a combination of available imagery data, topography, and thermal inertia, which together allow defining different geomorphological units in this area. This new map provides a basis for identifying the ancient presence of water in the region, both in the liquid state and in the ice phase.
E-ISSN: 1744-5647
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