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Title: RAISELIFE project extends the lifetime of functional CSP materials
Authors: Sutter, Florian
Binyamin, Yaniv
Zoschke, T.
Fernández García, Aránzazu
Naamane, S.
Galetz, M.
Reoyo Prats, R.
Pérez Trujillo, F. J.
Aglüro, Alina
Orioli, F.
Piron, Javier
Mandler, D.
Attout, A.
Caron, Simon
Wette, J.
Sánchez, Ricardo
Morales, Angel
Hildebrandt, C.
Issue Date: 12-May-2022
Publisher: AIP Publishing
DOI: 10.1063/5.0085763
Published version:
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings 2445(1): 020013(2022)
Abstract: The RAISELIFE project was conducted from April 2016 until March 2020 and was funded within the H2020 program of the European Commission (Grant 686008). The project aimed at developing novel materials with extended lifetime and performance for parabolic-trough and solar tower CSP plants and thereby reducing electricity generation costs. In order to assess the expected durability of the novel materials, improved accelerated aging and qualification methods simulating in-service conditions in different climates were developed. The project brought together a broad consortium formed of industry partners, SMEs and research institutes of the CSP and material science sector. This paper summarizes the main developments and takeaways from the RAISELIFE project.
E-ISSN: 1551-7616
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