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Title: Enantiopure distorted ribbon-shaped nanographene combining two-photon absorption-based upconversion and circularly polarized luminescence†
Authors: Cruz, C. M.
Márquez, I. R.
Mariz, I. F. A.
Blanco, V.
Sánchez-Sánchez, C.
Sobrado, J. M.
Martín Gago, J. A.
Cuerva, J. M.
Maçôas, E.
Campaña, A. G.
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2018
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Published version:
Citation: Chemical Science 9: 3917(2018)
Abstract: Herein we describe a distorted ribbon-shaped nanographene exhibiting unprecedented combination of optical properties in graphene-related materials, namely upconversion based on two-photon absorption (TPA-UC) together with circularly polarized luminescence (CPL). The compound is a graphene molecule of ca. 2 nm length and 1 nm width with edge defects that promote the distortion of the otherwise planar lattice. The edge defects are an aromatic saddle-shaped ketone unit and a [5]carbohelicene moiety. This system is shown to combine two-photon absorption and circularly polarized luminescence and a remarkably long emission lifetime of 21.5 ns. The [5]helicene is responsible for the chiroptical activity while the push–pull geometry and the extended network of sp2 carbons are factors favoring the nonlinear absorption. Electronic structure theoretical calculations support the interpretation of the results.
Description: All publication charges for this article have been paid for by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Centro de Astrobiología INTA-CSIC, Torrejón de Ardoz, 28850 Madrid, Spain. Cruz, C. M. [0000-0002-0676-5210] ; Márquez, I. R. [0000-0001-9907-8040] ; Blanco, V. [0000-0002-6809-079X] ; Sánchez-Sánchez, C. [0000-0001-8644-3766] ; Martín-Gago, J. A. [0000-0003-2663-491X] ; Cuerva, J. M. [0000-0001-6896-9617] ; Maçôas, E. [0000-0001-8506-7025] ; Campaña, A. G. [0000-0001-5483-5642]
E-ISSN: 2041-6539
ISSN: 2041-6520
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